colegio Colombo Español


The Colombo Spanish School’s mission is to guide the students of the Atlantic Department for life, according to their ability and their learning style, supporting their talents in order to generate educational processes with human quality, creative and competent in the conflict resolution.


To be recognized as a leader in strengthening the thinking of each young person, supporting their talents and developing them integrally so that they can excel in business as the creator of their own company, and in English as a second language, so that they promote productivity and are reflected in a improvement of your quality of life.

We are an Institution of integral education, in accordance with the current needs of society through an always up-to-date pedagogical practice that enables the training of men and women with a critical, autonomous and creative sense, prepared to face scientific, technological, and economic advances. and cultural, by proposing solutions to the conflicts of their environment.

University internships support the Professional Orientation process, providing the future graduating professional information about the university world, since it allows you to experience and visualize how you would feel in the different campuses and student environments. In the same way, it allows you to expand the frame of reference on the careers, your work projection, agreements and educational plans of each of these universities, in order to confront this experience with your personal profile, individual opportunities and life project.

The student must have the authorization of his parents, fully attend all the activities programmed by each institution and fill out an act of commitment.

The student brings a letter of introduction from the College, the documentation required by the selected site and an evaluation form for the internships, which is completed by the professional responsible for their practice.

Visits are also made to different universities to find out about the programs and services they offer.

Aptitude tests are applied with the purpose of increasing the security at the time of directing your life project to your future.

COLEGIO COLOMBO ESPAÑOL works for the development of environmental thinking of its students, through different pedagogical, academic and recreational activities, such as:

Inclusion of environmental issues in the study plans, which are approached from the analysis of local and global ecosystems Maintenance of the School Environmental Project based on strategies led by the Ecological Group
Holding events focused on issues of environmental interest
Leisure activities, such as tree planting days inside and outside the Institution
Solid waste management and separation campaigns within the School, as well as energy saving

All of the above accompanied by the permanent work of the teaching body in the construction of an environmental attitude in the students, in such a way that they manage to maintain a more real vision of the importance of caring for natural resources from all sectors of society.

In the day from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., homework supports are developed from first to eleventh grade as an option. This support is personalized and is done during the school year on an optional basis.



Dynamic and creative classes to facilitate the learning process in the social area in seventh grade.

In 2019 the election of the PERSONERO Y PERSONERITO was made.

In 2019 a beautiful project is extended to early childhood in Barrio la PAZ. During the school year our students make donations of school kits and fun days where they share with the children and show that it is BETTER TO GIVE THAN RECEIVE.

Project led by the SOCIAL AREA together with the PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT.

This year we started expanding our ENVIRONMENTAL project, led by the Department of Natural Sciences. A group of students carried out a cleaning day demonstrating their love for their Institution and their sense of commitment to their environment.


Cultivating a love of reading.

So that before the age of 18, the only thing our children make are good decisions


Herramientas para que padres, madres y cuidadores adoptemos medidas preventivas y de manejo del consumo de alcohol por nuestros hijos menores de 18 años.

Conferencista: Diana Consuelo Agudelo Camacho

Fecha: Jueves 26 de Septiembre de 2019

Hora: 6:15 pm a 7:45 pm

Lugar: Auditorio del Colegio Hebreo Unión

Dirección: Carrera 43 # 85- 25 (Barranquilla)