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This department is directed by a professional, who works under a promotion and prevention approach, for the personal growth and development of students in the psycho-affective, social and learning areas, taking into account the characteristics and needs of their evolutionary stage and involving the educational community in this process: parents, teachers and external agents. In this way, it seeks to reduce vulnerability to situations of risk or school failure, promoting in children and young people the necessary maturity for an adequate assimilation of pedagogical action, an optimal coexistence in the School and its projection to the community.

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    In the development of their work, they fulfill the following functions, among others

    Advice to teachers: individual and through training workshops.

    Group diagnosis of students’ abilities and skills.

    The Development in Values Project includes the Psycho-affective Development and Sex Education programs that are implemented in the Preschool, Primary and Baccalaureate sections.

    Group counseling, through which the programs of: Psycho-affective Development,

    Skills for Coexistence, Sex Education, Comprehensive Prevention and Promotion of Skills for Study and Learning, whose guidelines are contemplated in the P.E.I

    The project promotes as a fundamental objective the development of the student’s moral criteria according to their evolutionary moment, seeking that the process is carried out from daily life, in the interpersonal relationships that are established in the School and outside it, and in all the academic activities. Development of skills for coexistence. The promotion of values and attitudes

    constitutes the formative pillar of COLOMBO ESPAÑOL COLLEGE, the support for healthy coexistence and for the human development of the student in its affective, cognitive, aesthetic, corporal and social dimensions.

    Evaluation of Skills for Coexistence.

    Parents School. Individual counseling for parents