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In our institution we educate the men and women of tomorrow capable of transforming Colombia and the world.

We are an Institution of integral education, in accordance with the current needs of society through an always updated pedagogical practice that enables the training of men and women with a critical sense, autonomous and creative, prepared to face scientific, technological, economic and cultural advances, by proposing solutions to the conflicts in their environment.


The Colombo Español School’s mission is to guide the students of the Department of Atlántico for life, according to their ability and their learning style, supporting their talents in order to generate educational processes with human quality, creative and competent in the conflict resolution.


To be recognized as a leader in strengthening the thinking of each young person by supporting their talents and developing them comprehensively so that they can excel in the technological fields, in art and in English as a second language, so that they promote productivity and are reflected in an improvement in their quality of life.

Our Principles

The Colombo Español School bases its principles so that they are reflected in their way of being and of proceeding.

I respect: It implies respecting the difference, fighting for it to be preserved and defended by others, allowing other behaviors that do not threaten people or the common good.

Discipline: Ability to focus efforts on achieving a goal, ability to act orderly and persistently in achieving an achievement.

Equity: Disposition of the spirit that moves to give each one what they deserve. Natural justice. Principle that recognizes all citizens capacity for the same rights.

Compression: It serves to understand other people as they are, accepting them with their strengths and weaknesses … being understanding is a virtue that very few possess.

Puntuality: It is the valuation of respect for the time of the institutions and those who make it up.

Identity: Identity is the set of values, traditions, symbols, beliefs and modes of behavior that function as a cohesive element within a community and that form the sense of belonging

Simplicity: Simplicity combines sweetness and wisdom. It is clarity of mind and intellect. Those who personify simplicity are free from strenuous, complicated, and strange thoughts.

Modesty: It is the awareness we have about who we are, our strengths and weaknesses as human beings and that prevents us from believing ourselves superior to others.

Responsibility: It is the ability to respond, to account for our actions. Ability to take charge of everything that one chooses to do, and of the obligations of the roles that are performed in a society

Justice: It is knowing how to act with rectitude and honesty in the face of situations that arise in life.

Loyalty: It is a reciprocation, an obligation that one has with others. A commitment to defend what we believe and in whom we believe. It is a virtue that develops our conscience.

Tolerance : It is accepting each other. we must accept ourselves and then accept and respect everyone else. It is respect with equality without distinctions of any kind.



It is made up of a circle that has a triangle inside which frames the map of Colombia and the Iberian Peninsula. representing the fusion of the two cultures mentioned, highlighting the motto LIBERTAD, ACADEMIA Y CIENCIA.



This icon is represented by a rectangle divided into two stripes of the same dimension in red wine and beige colors. The red wine color expresses the joy, youth and fervor of our educational community. The beige color represents the balance, prudence and transparency of all the members of our Institution.

Our Anthem

The lyrics and music were created by Lic. Carlos López

Colombo Español School Anthem

(Music and lyrics by Carlos López – Issa María)

I With great fervor, Colegio Colombo Español lovingly provides a good education. An explorer navigator came to our land who proudly prayed to the Creator (2)


Colombo Spanish (bis) With great pride offers good education (2)

II His great charism, Christian love instilled in us, with great fervor the region remembers him. Naming the nation … and giving your heart

These are the values that education inherits today (bis)


Colombo Spanish (bis)

With great pride he offers good education (2)

III Today two nations form bonds of brotherhood, where language and faith unite them more.

and they offer us a campus where love is formed, patriotism “Amor de Patria” and doing good (bis)


Colombo Spanish (bis)

With great pride he offers good education (1)